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Great invention in history - Watches

   Watch is a special tool to grasp the time, named must wear on hand, its exterior shape quality of a material, different price and different type. and the function of the pocket watch, clock, wall clock, electronic watch, etc are exactly the same, the main components are hour hand, minute hand and second hand, and with a calendar, the difference is in commonly is mechanical or electronic, manual or automatic, is domestic or imported. Watch probably invented in the 19th century, nearly 200 years of history,

   Like electric light, car, train, it is the product of the industrial revolution in the world, is also one of the great invention in history.

   A watch timing is very convenient, it can not only daily timing, can be accurate to the minute, is helpful for people to accurately grasp time, accurately grasp the work labor and life rest time to study, not waste of time, is an office worker national cadres, workers, soldiers, intellectuals and other necessary tools and love, is also a symbol of high and low status in the past people.

   Watch is not merely to read in our daily life, sometimes more people to choose a suitable for their own is more dominant, as the saying goes, suits own, is the best.

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