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How to buy the safest toys for your child?

2016/11/29 11:48:17 27 views classification:Toys

   The baby most favorite gift must be toys,But beautiful toys are likely to have a potential risk to the baby.Toy coatings on the surface of lead, or a sharp corner to the injured baby.This is a reminder of the disturbing fact that parents are:How to buy the safest toys for your child? become a problem you have to care about.

   1.Change your mode of thinking.
   Experts suggest that the first step is to pay attention to small parts,such as easy to be swallowed by a small baby plastic ring or small plastic beads,or hairy Teddy bear plastic crystal eyes.Remember,a 25cm longer than the tensile type toys,there may be reined in children;The kite flying toy and other rope,the length is more than 3 meters should be made of non-metallic materials.

    Provisions in our country's safety standards for children's toys,Pull rope to pull toy,The length is more than 30 cm,there can't have a live knot.For children under the age of 3,the use of such toys,can not be used in the 1.5mm of the rope,Anleolife to remind you to choose,if you think the toy is dangerous,be sure to trust your instincts.

    2.To examine the risk of choking or scratching.

   Look for toys on the packaging,check whether the product contains a number of children under the age of 3 are more dangerous parts.If the packing can be taken apart,you'd better check it yourself.Small parts if the product is detachable,in case of flattening the child's throat can be swallowed,then this product must not be bought for children.Of course,it's possible for children to chew and swallow something in their mouth.When you buy a toy,you should avoid buying this kind of toy,In addition,some of the toys are sharp or rough edges,and the child's tender skin is absolutely unbearable such friction,So when you see wood or metal toys,touch it carefully before making a decision.Things to buy for children,must not only be a beautiful appearance in the first place.

    3.Give up the noisy toys.

    Sound too large toys to play for a long time,will cause the baby's hearing damage,If the sound of the toy is more than 90 dB, it is really a kind of damage to the body.In addition, we should also take into account the distance between the children and the toy speaker,He held it in his arms,or put it in his side or in other corners of the room.Trust your own judgment,and if you feel that it is loud,it is likely that it will not be suitable for your baby.

    4.Beware of magnets and batteries.
    If the child swallowed 2 or more magnets,the body's suction will lead to fatal intestinal damage.Therefore,for children who like to put things in their mouths,easy to loose magnets toys have a high risk.

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