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Kingdom of Toys

2016/12/20 9:41:20 20 views classification:Toys

  In a remote place, there is a magical kingdom, full of laughter and happiness, there lived a cute little toy, they live very happy, liking. Want to know what it is? Let me tell you: there is the "Kingdom of toys"! Here the toy people with people living as happy, here as the human world, there are doctors, workers, bosses, company employees, there are artists.


  The Toys it's always stay with us from our birth with, like our brothers and sisters. Happy, they accompany our game. Lonely, they accompany us to talk about the truth. Distressed, they are our first thought of friends. During the day, they bring us joy. Night, they sleep with kids..


  Toys are really good partner for kinds, It will give them a happy childhood.

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